Serve and Learn Abroad with ISA!

Connect with communities abroad and observe real-world issues and the social initiatives created to solve them.

ISA Service-Learning programs provide a unique opportunity to learn from community leaders, experts and professionals serving their own communities. Through a guided, reflection-based curriculum, we will help you think critically about community development and civic engagement in a local and global context.

Over the last two decades, we have developed partnerships with over 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofits, and governmental organizations worldwide that have ongoing projects to which you can volunteer your time and contribute your strengths.

Through our diverse program offerings, you get to decide where and when your global learning experience will begin.

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Connecting with Community Partners


With a community-centric approach, we work with our partner organizations to better understand local resources and priorities. We then connect you with host organizations where your skill set may be most useful.

Striving for Reciprocity


We approach service-learning as an opportunity for mutual exchange of knowledge, action and culture, framed and guided by the mission of the community partner.

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Intentional, Guided Reflection


Learning does not happen as the result of an experience itself, but through intentional reflection upon an experience. Therefore, a vital part of service-learning is critical reflection through a guided curriculum. This is what distinguishes service-learning from community service and volunteering.

We strive to provide diverse learning opportunities for different learning styles and cover topics such as community development, intercultural competency, leadership, and personal and professional growth.

Cultivating Global Citizens


Through reflection and active learning, you will develop cross-cultural competencies and skills by building relationships, observing, and collaborating with community partners. We encourage you to reflect on your role and responsibility to be an active and engaged member of your own community upon returning home.

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This program is unique in the sense that it has the ability to transcend cultural differences and connect with people so different from one another thanks to one common passion: serving others. If you want the opportunity to really dive into a culture and connect with people of the host community, service-learning is the best way to do it.

Julia O.
(Granada, Spring 2018)

I loved my service-learning experience abroad and would recommend it to anyone! For me, it was a great opportunity to integrate my Spanish language skills with my area of study (nursing), which is a really unique opportunity. It gave me the chance to have more purposeful interaction with the host community during my time abroad, which I think it a key aspect to the study abroad experience.

Rebekah H.
(Valparaiso, Fall 2017)

I learned so much participating in service-learning. This experience allows you to open your mind to so many different ways of life, social issues happening in other countries, and ways you can help. The skills you develop are endless because you learn to work alongside diverse groups and not only share your knowledge but also learn from them as well. This experience really helped me grow as a person.

Jordan P.
(Lima, Summer 2018)

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