Human Rights

Learn about your host organization's efforts to raise awareness and influence change in the areas of gender rights, human rights, civil rights, immigration rights, and labor rights.

Contribute to their efforts of empowerment and advocacy through legal reformations, educational workshops, vocational training services, and community support systems.

Common Projects and Responsibilities
  • Develop website and social media content
  • Assisting with vocational courses and fundraising
  • Research and implement new initiatives to use in policy reform efforts
  • Edit policy proposals depending on language skill
Host Organizations Examples
  • Women's Development and Vocational Training Foundations
  • Local Political Campaign
  • Labor Rights Support Center
  • Human Rights Advocacy Campaign
Visit the following location pages to read more about these partner organizations and others!
Sophie at Philisa Abafazi Bethu SA
Helping A Lady Untangle A String

This program is unique in the sense that it has the ability to transcend cultural differences and connect with people so different from one another thanks to one common passion: serving others. If you want the opportunity to really dive into a culture and connect with people of the host community, service-learning is the best way to do it.

Julia O.
(Granada, Spring 2018)

I loved my service-learning experience abroad and would recommend it to anyone! For me, it was a great opportunity to integrate my Spanish language skills with my area of study (nursing), which is a really unique opportunity. It gave me the chance to have more purposeful interaction with the host community during my time abroad, which I think it a key aspect to the study abroad experience.

Rebekah H.
(Valparaiso, Fall 2017)

I learned so much participating in service-learning. This experience allows you to open your mind to so many different ways of life, social issues happening in other countries, and ways you can help. The skills you develop are endless because you learn to work alongside diverse groups and not only share your knowledge but also learn from them as well. This experience really helped me grow as a person.

Jordan P.
(Lima, Summer 2018)